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Aang deals with cultural appropriation - (x)

People need to stop reblogging this without the rest of the comic :^)

Part 1: Aang has a negative reaction to people who mistakenly hurt his feelings but had good intentions.

Part 2: Aang calms down and acknowledges that those people’s intentions were good and instead of being upset offers to educate and inform those people and SHARES his culture.

Good message there.

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Happy Happy birthday to one of my best friends, Liz aka superliz6!! Love you girlie!!! This is such a small token for everything you’ve ever done for me, but I hope you like it!! Xoxoxoxo!! Happy Birthday Love!!

Legend of Korra Book 3 Alternate Ending


what the frick frack diddly fuck is this i’m crying even more than i did in the original scenes this is a w f u l

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We've been through so many things together. And I've seen you grow up so much. You're not that little goofy kid I found in the iceberg anymore. (Katara) 

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how to act cool around crush


when your muse is really horny and you’re just like


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don’t imagine your otp slow dancing in their socks while the taller of the two hums a tune (terribly) for them to dance to and the shorter has their face pressed into the taller one’s shoulder. don’t imagine it.

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I know some times people slip up once or twice, but OMG NICK GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER

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